About St. Austin's Academy


St Austins Academy was founded in 1970 by Academic Services Limited as part of a programme to establish centres of academic excellence in Kenya. Founded by the first African Director of Education following independence, the Academy was a deliberate attempt to break the segregated educational systems of the day and offer a truly integrated programme.

The original vision has been extended so as to provide a values-based programme for the complex, international world into which our students are entering.
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Pre School

The St. Austin’s Academy Pre-Primary caters for children from the age of 2 years. It has its own play area and specialist teachers and, in addition, each Pre-Primary class has a Teaching Assistant....learn more


The Primary curriculum is based on the British National Curriculum, but also includes appropriate material drawn from other National Curricula. Teachers make use of a wide range of textbooks and materials from the U.K, local and international sources, as well as the Academy’s own resource material....learn more


The lower secondary course of study is based around Key Stage Three of the British National curriculum. Students entering year 7 will be externally assessed at the end of year 9 in English, Mathematics, Science and ICT. Assessment will be done through the Standard Attainment Tests (SATs)....learn more