Mission & Vision

Mission and Vision Statements

Vision Statement

St. Austin’s Academy aims to provide opportunities for all students to develop their full potential and to stretch their academic abilities in a way that builds confidence and enables them to live their lives to the full.

Mission Statement

This vision will be realized through:-

  • emphasizing and rewarding individual achievement;
  • ensuring disciplined study by all students;
  • establishing an ethos of fair play and mutual respect;
  • expecting reliability, both as individuals and as members of a team;
  • sharing responsibility for the welfare of members of the community;
  • promoting the culture of life-long learning.

Core Values (guiding principles)

  1. Fair play and mutual respect
  1. Reliability
  1. Life-long learning
  1. Hard work and individual productivity
  1. Corporate Social Responsibility

The Staff

The Academy will ensure that the staff:-

  • are energized, enthusiastic and self motivated;
  • value quality teaching and learning, have high expectations and encourage a range of ideas and innovations;
  • understand and satisfy the educational needs expressed by both students and parents;
  • encourage students to learn and grow together;
  • promote the values of the Academy;
  • enable parents an all friends of the Academy to participate as appropriate in its activities.


The academy aims to be a leader in education. This will be done by placing strong emphasis on:-

  • A collective and consultative approach to relationship management, decision making and planning;
  • A cycle of review and development aimed at ensuring effective use of resources for the benefit of students’ learning;
  • State of the art physical facilities to provide an attractive learning environment;
  • First class equipment (including information communication technology- ICT, to ensure easy access to all available information);
  • A high qualified and well-motivated staff.