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Here are 5 perks of IGCSE that may make it the perfect curriculum for your child, whether you’re thinking about enrolling in the IGCSE programme in Kenya or you’re an international student weighing IGCSE vs. other programmes.

Our GCE O Level is curated to contain issues and courses that are particular to our country. Additionally, your child has the option to take the IGCSE O Level exam rather than the GCE, but you must consider why and the advantages of doing so.

For students who are choosing between the IGCSE curriculum and other curricula available to you in your own nation, you may only be examining the advantages and disadvantages of the IGCSE programme.

So, here are the reasons you should switch to IGCSE

1.Globally recognized qualification

The IGCSE board ensures that students receive a uniform education throughout the world. Their educational programme emphasises the development of skills and original thought. One of the degrees that is highly respected internationally is the IGCSE.

The IGCSE curriculum can be a fantastic option if you’re thinking about going abroad to school because it is well-known and used to determine whether or not your child will be admitted to high schools and colleges in other nations.

2. Caters to student’s individual strengths

The IGCSE curriculum gives pupils the chance to explore their subjects at various degrees of difficulty. For several of their disciplines, they provide Core and Extended curricula. The typical levels of difficulty in the core disciplines are where the majority of students prefer to gravitate.

While the extended curriculum is designed for students who are excelling in their main courses and are willing to challenge themselves by completing a more demanding programme.

3. Encourages logical and critical thinking in students

The IGCSE curriculum is designed to promote critical and logical thinking in pupils regarding the subjects it covers. Additionally, it aids in the development of pupils’ problem-solving and investigative and inferential abilities. These guidelines are beneficial and in line with the norms for schooling around the world.

It is advantageous for students who want to switch to other curricula after the IGCSE O Level to do the IGCSE course work because it makes them more adaptable and enables them to do so more quickly and easily.

4. Offers students a practical approach to learning

IGCSE offers learning approaches that help to build practical skills such as analytical, communication, and cognitive skills in students. This is on top of critical thinking, problem-solving ability, and personality development.

5. Excellent curriculum to prepare students for universities

The IGCSE curriculum develops students to be independent thinkers and learners. This is an important trait to possess for higher education and university studies. Higher education requires students to be disciplined and responsible for their own learning. IGCSE students will already be exposed to learning these responsibilities and traits as young as they are in high school.

In conlusion

The IGCSE curriculum is widely accepted and a fantastic option for students who want to continue their education overseas after IGCSE. The majority of tertiary institutions and international universities accept IGCSE credentials.

St. Austin’s Academy teaching faculty provides a stimulating delivery of our curriculum as well as a caring and friendly atmosphere to support the learning process. The academic programme is based on the British National Curriculum. High school students sit IGCSE, AS and A-Level examinations and all our students go on to university, the majority overseas.

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