The St Austin’s Academy uniform is one of a kind.

Ever been to a school that gives you the freedom to express yourself? in some schools, girls are only allowed to plait their natural hair and other limitations are usually there that are not bad but I am glad that as a student being able to let my hair down the way I want, paint my nails as long as it’s the school colours.

So what is so uniquely different with the St Austin’s uniform?

1. Nail polish

St. Austin’s Academy lets you wear nail polish as long as you wear the school colours which are purple, grey and white for the O level students.

2. Jewelry

St. Austin’s Academy lets you were jewellery to add to your uniform, of course, we don’t mean you dress in chunky jewellery but we are aware that some schools don’t allow any form of jewellery including earrings, but we’re allowed to wear our cute studs.

3. Hijab of your choice

St Austin’s respects every religion and the fact that our Muslim community can come wearing hijabs is a huge plus for some of us. Our school encourages school colours but are not particularly fussy about it either as long as you’re comfortable and it goes with the uniform.

4. Hair and braids

St. Austin’s Academy likes when students Express their feelings in different colours. You can dye your hair but if you can’t dye your hair you can put the colour in your Braids. Be it salsa braids, a weave or a trendy new hairstyle, we’re not limited to only one hairstyle but are given the chance to try out different types of hairstyles, this is a great way of expressing style and being different at the same time.


For most schools, the idea of not dressing up while going to school is to ensure that students do not shift their attention from their studies to how they look. However, the unique culture we have to express ourselves as students means that we’ve each learned to accommodate people’s different ways of expressing themselves. It means that we go to school each day feeling proud and confident by how we dress.

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