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  • About our School

    The Academy consists of four main areas: the Pre-Primary
    (Nursery and Kindergarten), Primary (Years 1 – 6), Lower Secondary (Years 7 – 9) and the Upper Secondary (Years 10 – 13).

    St. Austin’s Academy was founded in 1970 by Academic Services Limited as part of a programme to establish centres of academic excellence in Kenya. Founded by the first African Director of Education following independence, the Academy was a deliberate attempt to break the segregated educational systems of the day and to offer a truly integrated programme. The original vision has been extended so as to provide a values-based programme for the uncertain, international world into which our students are entering.

    The Academy consists of four main areas: the Pre-Primary (Nursery and Kindergarten), Primary (Years 1 – 6), Lower Secondary (Years 7 – 9) and the Upper Secondary (Years 10 – 13). These schools share the same generous compound in Lavington, one of Nairobi’s most exclusive residential areas.

    Why St. Austin’s?

    • World class education facilities.
    • Individualized teaching fosters success for every learner
    • Conducive learning environment

    Education is a long life process and we need to make our children life long learners. At St. Austin’s Academy we provide holistic education. Education that develops the whole child enables a child to grow emotionally, intellectually, physically and socially.

    Our vision is to get every child to realize their full potential; this is because we believe that each child is unique individual who has a special gift to bring to this world. We believe in education that provides life skills that will help our children to cope with the life challenges of the 21st Century. Our children need these skills to enable them to cope in the rapidly changing global environment.

    We believe in education that will enable each child to find their identity, meaning and purpose in life. We provide programmes that will enhance our children’s talents, develop their leadership skills and make them comfortable with technology, providing skills required in the 21st Century such as creativity, problem solving, respect, personal responsibility, initiative and collaborative skills.


    Since its inception, St. Austin’s Academy has emphasized the highest standards in intellectual growth, in the development of social and moral values and in preparing students for international education and future careers. The Academy is proud to be at the forefront of Kenyan education today.

    Our outstanding international teaching faculty provides a stimulating delivery of our curriculum as well as a caring and friendly atmosphere to support the learning process. The academic programme is based on the British National Curriculum. Upper Secondary students sit IGCSE, AS and A-Level examinations and all our students go on to university, the majority overseas.

    St. Austin’s students tell us that they find the school calm, safe and responsive to their needs and we have built a reputation in the Nairobi Community as “The Listening School”.

    The multicultural nature of the school (more than 30 nationalities are represented in the student body) gives a truly international flavour to all activities and encourages students to learn in an atmosphere of tolerance and awareness of the richness of diversity.

    • We offer world class education in a serene environment
    • International education curriculum relevant to your education needs.
    • Emphasis on all-rounded education for the comprehensive learning experience.

    St Austins serves the educational needs of of both expatriate and Kenyan students. We currently have students from over 20 different countries. Our teaching staff is also drawn from a variety of national backgrounds. Together, we work to create a holistic and accomodative school for all individuals.