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  • Junior School

    The St. Austin’s Academy Pre-Primary caters for children from the age of 2 years. It has its own play area and specialist teachers and, in addition, each Pre-Primary class has a Teaching Assistant.
    Our purpose-built Nursery was opened in September 2000 and was especially designed to cater for the needs of our youngest students. The class is led by a qualified Teacher with two Teaching Assistants. The Nursery class offers an informal, safe and caring environment where young children can take their first steps at school.

    We encourage children to develop socially and emotionally through interaction with their peers.
    The aim of the Pre-Primary is to encourage each child to develop his/her own personality and social awareness, with an emphasis on academic achievement in English and Mathematics. Much of the work is done through structured play, focusing on the areas of communication skills, fine motor control skills, gross motor control skills and emotional and social confidence.

    Language / English

    The principal aim here is to foster social skills and communication skills, and to build up vocabulary. Children learn through participation in fun activities the foundation skills that help to prepare them for structured learning in the Primary (see below). Activities include picture-reading, news-sharing, story-telling, daily communication, drama, singing and music. In the Nursery class, children are made aware of the alphabet, phonics, primary colours, opposites and directions. By the end of the Pre-Primary, reading and introductory writing skills are at the centre of all classroom activities, while listening and speaking are at the centre of socialization and inter-personal skills which are vital at this age.

    Mathematics / Number work

    Children are encouraged to develop skills such as comparing, grouping, identification and sorting through active participation. Skills at this level are explored through sensorial and practical experiences where concentration skills also begin to develop. By the end of the Nursery class, children should be aware of numbers and signs, shapes and solids, and simple number relationships.

    Science / Topic Work

    Children participate in informal Science projects or areas of topic work that are fun and lively as well as educational. Appropriate trips to associated places of interest are also organized where possible.