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This is everything you need to know about O levels.

Cambridge provides the platform by offering O-levels and IGSCE, which support maintaining and helps in the development of the modern curriculum. Through O level and IGCSE, they assess the level of students by conducting different subject-based exams, and it also helps to improve the teaching practice. Both are of similar category and equivalent qualifications contains similarities and differences.

1.Ordinary Level (O –LEVEL)

It is a qualification done in particular subjects by the students having age 14 to 16 years. This level is followed by A level, and GSCE ousted it in 1988. GSCE stands for General Certificate of Secondary Education, which is internationally recognized, and students from Wales, England and Northern Ireland can take part in this.

2.International General Certificate of Secondary Education (IGCSE)

The IGCSE is refined by Cambridge University. It is an international qualification, and its curriculum is in the form of a specific English language. It depends on the GCE O level, and its degree is equal to GSCE /O levels.


In O-level, the duration of course is three years while in IGCSE the course duration is two years.


In O-level, students are awarded by grades for their academic performance from A* to E where A* will be considered as the highest grade, and E will be as lowest.

IGCSE is proposed at a broad capability students’ range by awarding grades from A* to G where A* is considered as the highest grade and G as the lowest grade.


O level offers fewer coursework alternatives than IGCSE.

IGCSE utilizes a mixture of appraisal methods to test oral and useful aptitudes, activity and critical thinking, and utilization of abilities, information, and comprehension.


In O-Level, syllabuses were created to meet particular local needs, for example, minority languages.

In IGSCE, a coursework choice is accessible in several syllabuses, permitting Centers a component of individual decision and allowing instructors to partake in the method of assessment.


The skills offered in O level’s are reading, writing, comprehension and logical thinking skills.

IGCSE focuses on practicing oral skills, initative skills, practical skills, problem solving skills, knowledge and understanding of skills.

You must remember that different institutions have O levels but under a different board. We operate under Cambridge Assessment International Education which is also known as CIE.


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