Extracurricular Activities that Accentuates Creativity.

Extra Curricular Activities

​​We're proud to offer an array of extracurricular opportunities led by our faculty/staff, parent volunteers, and enrichment partners who are deeply committed to the education and development of our students beyond the classroom.

Extracurricular activities strive to cultivate a sense of belonging, foster school spirit, increase collaboration with students in different grade levels, and provide opportunities for students to connect with teachers outside of class time.

Our objective is to provide every student with the opportunity to take advantage of at least one learning opportunity beyond the classroom that will enrich his/her school year experience.

We offer a variety of after-school activities such as basketball, football, badminton, volleyball, athletics, dodgeball, netball, swimming, gymnastics, cricket and rounders.

The benefits of participating in after-school activities are far-reaching, especially since the variety of activities appeals to students of all ages, interests, and abilities. Yet, after-school activities become even more important as young people mature; for instance, a choir can become a setting whereby a shy student builds new relationships with peers she/he might not meet otherwise.

Ultimately, extracurricular activities stimulate growth as students begin to think critically, overcome obstacles, and then learn from their mistakes.



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