Why study at St. Austin's Academy?

World class education facilities, Individualized teaching fosters success for every learner and Conducive learning environment

Why study at St. Austin's Academy?

Health & Safety

At St. Austin’s Academy, the health, safety and welfare of our students, staff and parents are of paramount importance.

Health & Safety

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St. Austin’s Academy has emphasized the highest standards in intellectual growth, in the development of moral values.

Discover St. Austin’s Academy

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If you have any questions about St. Austin’s Academy, or wish to register your child, please contact us Mon – Fri 8.00 a.m - 5.00 p.m.

Ready to join us?

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class of 2022

Transitioned to various universities across the globe to purse various degree programmes.


Quality Education

St. Austin's Academy offers quality education that is focused on delivering 100%.



Overall student scored A plain in 2022

Areas of Study


Emphasis is placed on encouraging children to see the relevance of Mathematics in everyday life.


Literacy combines important skills of reading and writing. It also involves speaking and listening skills.


We encourage development of scientific skills and understanding of the use of these aspects of learning.

History & Geography

We investigate, describe and explain the pattern of human activity in the world today and interpret the interaction between people and their culture.

Information Communication Technology

Our pupils work with computers from the beginning of their time and this encourages use of technology.


The course is taught from year one and initially orally only, places emphasis on confidence and intelligible communication; as there are achieved reading and writing


The emphasis is on speaking and listening but as they progress, they start reading and writing French.


Art education involves 2 or 3 dimensional work as well as exploring art through Information Technology.

Music & Drama

We give many opportunities to perform and the programme is enhanced by concerts and plays.

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Our outstanding international teaching faculty provides a stimulating delivery of our curriculum as well as a caring and friendly atmosphere to support the learning process.

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