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Probably trying to study for your exam but you can’t seem to stop the feeling of exhaustion?

Well for many students, Burnout is something that we all don’t want to face. It is mostly overlooked as mere laziness. To avoid the misconception of burnout, here are 7 signs that you are dealing with burnout by psych2go.

The used source stated below https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCkJEpR7JmS36tajD34Gp4VA

1. You are exhausted

One of the main symptoms of burnout is being emotionally drained. When you are burnt out, you cannot cope with stress and feel like you have no control over your life. You feel like you have little or no energy to handle the stress and so you feel drained emotionally.

2. You Isolate yourself from Others

When you are burnt out, you isolate yourself from others and often get irritated easily. In your early stages of burnout, you start to isolate yourself more and find it difficult to interact with other people in school or work.

3. You have escape Fantasies

Do you ever wish to be somewhere else away from school or work? Well, due to high amounts of stress during long periods, people who are burnt out tend to wish or fantasize about going on holiday or vacation. In worst cases, severe cases of burnout lead to a desire for drugs and alcohol to escape the negative feeling which may lead to abuse issues.

4. Your performance is suffering

Many people who deal with burnout, have trouble handling the stress of work and as a result, face the harsh consequences of bad performances. For students, burnout causes a lot more than just bad performance but also the criticism of teachers and harsh scolding of parents (parental pressure). The most way to handle it is to simply take some time off. I know it gets hard and you

feel that you don’t deserve it but I thought that too. I thought I couldn’t get time to rest, but that is not true. Enjoy your life, family, friends. Take some time off, then come back again to do work.

5. You don’t feel well

Do you feel tired even after taking a long nap? Well, burnout can deplete your energy in turn weaken your immune system. It may also cause the victims to feel feelings of depression, anxiety.

6. You’re more pessimistic

Are you more down-to-earth lately? have you been finding it hard to stay positive? Burnout causes you to downgrade yourself and find it very hard to stay positive. It causes you to have trust issues. Trusting yourself becomes hard as well as trusting others. You start to question the people you love.

7. You’re more Irritable

Have you been on edge with other people lately? Have you found yourself getting angry more often? Well-burnout causes you to feel unproductive, worthless, and a growing perception that you are not able to do tasks.

Burnout as students is something difficult but it is preventable. Taking necessary action such as eating a balanced diet, taking some time off is essential to preventing burnout.

Dealing with burnout can cause you to feel low and unworthy. It makes you sometimes compare yourself to other people and see them as perfect for completing their tasks but yourself as unproductive or unworthy because you did not. Burnout is something people think is bad, but it is in your life for a reason. Whenever you have a problem, remember that every problem in your life was designed to help you not deplete you of who you are.

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