Imagine the world without the woman. Woman!

She is a mother, sister, grandmother, aunt, and colleague. At St. Austin’s Academy, we acknowledge the unsung hero, the pillar and backbone of society. The WOMAN.
The school principal reminded the women through an anonymous quote of their immeasurable worth.
‘Women! You are brave, smart, funny, loveable, and so much more. You are enough and always will be’.

At the crack of dawn at SAA, beautiful souls are already at work tidying up the school vicinity with their colleagues.

As we enter the building, they pause dusting the floors to pose a cheerful ‘Good morning’. These women are on duty around the clock to ensure the sanitation of the learning environment. With the latest pandemic protocols, they are always on their toes to tidy up the place. As the members of the school depart for their homes, they still, stay on course, are true to duty, and join their families later in the day. We celebrate the strength of these women in the ancillary staff.
The office in SAA is characterized by vibrancy throughout the day. The reception bubbles with visitors and students who stop by to clarify one thing or another. When children are under the weather, they make their stop at the reception. On some occasions, a child needs to telephone home and it is the mother- figure at the reception who provides the connection. Lately, with the requirement of masking, these women serve the school community with masks. When an emergency occurs, the patience and understanding of the women at the reception rules the moment.

We all need a woman who cares and is always there at our service.

At SAA, the procurement office is managed by a competent and caring woman. Her feminine and gentle spirit steer her to serve the school community as requisition calls. She handles the stationary, detergents, kitchen supplies and still affords to serve the students who lost or misplaced their locker keys.

We celebrate the patient spirit that governs the hearts of the women at SAA!

The sound of the lunch hour bell commands a streaming population to the lunch hall and Tac shop. On standby to serve are women with a willingness to listen. The 600 heads are served courtesy of the women and colleagues who never fail on duty. They always show up on time. Why not celebrate them!

How can we define the icing on the cake?

The women who teach throughout the day at St. Austin’s Academy. Right from the Early Years up to the A-Level classes, we meet amazing, selfless souls: Teacher, mother, nurse, counsellor, advocate, friend…roles that overlap and cannot be dissociated! The woman teacher juggles them whole joyfully. The learners are part of her and she not only spends her hours at home juggling her duties but also in preparation for the lessons.
She spends hours analyzing her student’s performance as well as worrying about that child who seemed disturbed during her lesson. She has the keen eye to spot the child who needs support. We forget the women we found at school, who taught us, don’t we? But, there is that one, kind, passionate,  compassionate, competent soul of a teacher who interacted with us in elementary school and her memory lingers on…

What about Mother?

We celebrate the mothers at SAA who for 40 weeks carried us in their wombs, nursed us through sleepless nights. The mother who is a guardian included. Women who sacrifice to look after us and ensure that the children are fed, cleaned and kept warm. She nurtures society. The one and only, woman, SAA celebrates mother!
St. Austin’s Academy takes a moment to take stock and appreciate the little things in life which indeed are free and the best. International Women’s Day is one special global celebration that we raise our banner higher  and exclaim, ‘Happy International Women’s Day!’
By: Ms Josephine Barno
       H.O. D Linguistics 
Edited by: Vanessa Waithera (Digital Marketer)


  • It’s only celebration to our grand mother, mother, sisters and daughters. God bless you all.

  • Woman…..indeed a pillar in the society.
    God bless women, and especially those who’ve diligently and happily taken up their roles…..??????

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