Nurturing Early Development at St. Austin's Junior Academy lays a strong foundation for young learners aged two to the end of Reception Year in Primary School.

1. Our Playgroup class, designed for 2-3 year olds, goes beyond basic care to foster essential early skills like potty training, dining etiquette, and creative expression through coloring. This nurturing environment lets children experience the joy of school, setting a positive tone for their educational journey.

2. In Kindergarten 1 (K1), tailored for 3-4 year olds, we focus on cultivating fundamental learning skills. Our engaging activities and carefully designed lessons prepare children to grasp educational concepts with confidence.

3. Our Reception class, tailored for 4-5 year olds, empowers them to embrace reading and writing, effectively setting the stage for Year 1.

At the heart of our Early Years curriculum lies the power of play. Recognizing that play is a child's primary work, we encourage holistic growth encompassing social, emotional, physical, and creative areas. As active learners, children thrive when they explore firsthand experiences within conducive environments.

Our outdoor area serves as a daily learning haven, complemented by enriching activities such as Drama & Music, P.E and Swimming, Cookery, and Gardening. These experiences instill a sense of exploration, curiosity, and a love for learning that resonate throughout a child's educational journey.

Afternoon Club (Playgroup – Reception)

The afternoon club offers play-based activities each with a focus on developing the skills acquired during the morning classes.

Typical activities include Art, Music and Drama, Storytelling, Physical Education and Swimming.

Socialization interpersonal skills receive a special emphasis.


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