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Long live the spirit of RESILIENCE! Long live St. Austin’s Academy!

“Life doesn’t get easier or more forgiving; we get stronger and more resilient.” – Dr Steve Maraboli

St Austin's Academy staff
St Austin’s Academy class teacher

Resilience is the focal point of every living thing. The deliberate choice to break the barriers that blind destinies. It is the unspoken rule in St. Austin’s Academy. The students put in the extra effort to pursue studies and meet academic expectations week in and week out every other term. The teachers, on the other hand, focus on the development of learners throughout the year. They teach, conduct assessments and facilitate mentorship without tiring.

In moments of adversity and when situations threaten to drain all the energy out, seek out resilience.

St Austin's Academy parents
St Austin’s Academy parents

SAA parents, students and members of staff beseech resilience. In and out of seasons, the parents and guardians have religiously provided for their children and ensured that they are dropped and picked up from school on time. It seems like routine but parenting is a duty that requires resilience. One should realise that it remains the sole entity to rely on for the reserve energy to fight on, take an extra stride and dare face another day.

Besides the teaching faculty, SAA constitutes other members of staff within the campus and the head office.

The ancillary and office staff are dedicated as each executes duty diligently all attributed to resilience. My friend, have you ever been there? That point where you think you’ve hit the dead-end? Resilience beckons you that it is not the end but just a bend. It’s high time that you whisper to the secret still spot in your heart and mind ‘Alluta Continua’.

The struggle continues is the ground that many icons have firmly stood on and anticipated dawn amidst the darkness. When your dreams are shattered, resilience fronts you to try one more time. The human spirit is resilient. It is a muscle that yearns to be stretched and toned amidst the happenings of life. The seasons of gloom and bloom serve as instruments to ignite an attitude towards embracing resilience through it all. You are there in grief and emptiness and courting the idea that your World is shattered, No!


Resilience is the pivot that brings acceptance to the adage ‘silver lining in every dark cloud’. Arise! It is not yet over, there is hope. Every individual has the innate power to rise above difficulties that life sometimes throws our way. Let resilience reign supreme in the life of every stakeholder in St. Austin’s Academy. We live and learn through thick and thin charged by the glorious power of overcomers: Resilience.

By Josephine Barno
H. O. D – Linguistics

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