best igcse school in Kenya

There are numerous things to take into account while selecting an educational programme for your child. The International General Certificate of Secondary Education (IGCSE) curriculum is one alternative that is gaining favour globally. These are 7 reasons why your child’s education may benefit most from the IGCSE curriculum.

1.Global recognition

The IGCSE offers pupils the chance to pursue higher education and jobs on a worldwide scale because it is recognised by colleges and businesses all around the world.

2. Wide range of subjects

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Student in Art class

The IGCSE curriculum provides students with a wide choice of disciplines, from conventional academic subjects to vocational and technical areas, allowing them to explore their interests and strengths.

3. International perspective

best igcse school in Nairobi
A level’s Career day

In order to prepare students to be responsible global citizens, the IGCSE curriculum places a strong emphasis on global perspectives and international understanding.

4. Assessment variety

The IGCSE curriculum offers a variety of assessment methods, including written exams, oral exams, coursework, and practical exams, allowing students to demonstrate their learning in multiple ways.

5. Flexibility

The IGCSE curriculum allows for flexibility in subject choices and assessment schedules, making it possible for students to customize their learning experience to meet their individual needs and goals.

6. Continuous assessment

best IGCSE school in Nairobi
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The IGCSE curriculum includes continuous assessment throughout the course of study, allowing students to receive regular feedback and support to improve their learning.

7. Well-rounded education

The IGCSE curriculum emphasizes a well-rounded education that includes academic, social, and emotional development, preparing students for success in all areas of life.

8. Experienced teachers

best international school in Nairobi

Many schools that offer the IGCSE curriculum have experienced teachers who are trained in delivering the program effectively, ensuring high-quality education for students.

In conclusion, the IGCSE curriculum offers a range of benefits for students, including global recognition, practical skills, international perspectives, and well-rounded education. With its emphasis on personalized learning, continuous assessment, and flexibility, the IGCSE curriculum may be the best choice for your child’s education.

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