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Congratulations to our IGCSE 2021/22 Students!

We congratulate our IGCSE students and staff on their outstanding performance this year. Their IGCSE curriculum started in September 2021, and we are incredibly proud of how our kids overcame unprecedented obstacles to reach their potential. The accomplishments of our pupils bear witness to their dedication and tenacity as well as to the ongoing assistance of our committed staff.

St Austin’s Academy also wishes to express our deepest gratitude to the families for their undivided support and we are extremely proud to have been in partnership with you.  Adding on, the crowning accomplishment on top of our excellent IGCSE results from this year would be our top achievers Bridget Joy Kekihembo who scored straight As and Leilani Wanjiru Karanja who scored straight A* and 1 B.

With that, we would like to share our outstanding IGCSE results below:

1 Bridget Joy Kekihembo                A* A *A *A* A *A *A *A
2 Leilani wanjiru Karanja A* A* A* A* A* A* A   B
3 Elosiuba Samantha Egoyibo A* A* A* A* A   A   A   A
4 Ian Mzee Ngunga A* A* A* A* A* A* B  B
5 Abdirahman Daud Aweis A* A* A   A   A  A   A   B
6 Hadia Hussein Ali A*  A   A   A   A   A   A   A
7 Jepchirchir Melil Kwonyike A*  A * A   A   A   A   A    B
8 Edwin Okwach A*  A*  A    A    A   A  B  B
9 Hussein Omar A*  A   A    A    A   A   A  B
10 Muna Abdi A*  A *  A    A    A   B  B  C
11 Emmanuel Okwach A*  A   A    A    A B    B  C
12 Emmanuel Elvis Odhiambo A*  A   A    A    A   B B  C
13 Kenan Kiplagat Limo A*  A   A    B B   B   B  B
14 Amani Chiluba Kinya A*  A   A    A B   B   B  C
15 Natalie Wanjiru Irungu A*  A   A    A B   B   B  C
16 Sean Jordan Kazuka A   A   A    A  B   B   B  B
17 Nadia Raha Wangui A   A   A    A   B   B   B  B
18 Manna Yien Roth A  A   A    A  B   B   C C
19 Omair Dahir Jama A  A   A    B  B   B   B  C
20 Sammy Ryan Kariuki A*  B   B    B  B   C  C   C

St Austin’s Academy would like to extend our congratulatory note once again to all our IGCSE candidates as well as parents and teachers for their notable academic performance this year.

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