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One Kenyan youth to officially present global youth report at COP 26 in Scotland.

One Kenyan youth, Ngunga Ian Mzee(15 years old) is leaving on Tuesday, to the United Nations Climate Change Conference, COP26, in Scotland, which has received official certification to present the #Decarbonize: Global Youth Manifesto on behalf of 35,000 youth from 54 countries.

As one of the handful of under-18 youth in the world receiving official certification, Ian will be presenting their work in the “Blue-Zone,” restricted to official conference delegates including world leaders, and official representatives from multinational NGO’s and industry.

The #Decarbonize: Global Youth Manifesto is the world’s largest synthesis of education and action focused on climate change by children under the age of eighteen.  Under the moral patronage of UNESCO, TakingITGlobal and the Centre for Global Education (CGE) coordinate the #Decarbonize Global Youth Project.

Ian is one of the world’s six Continental Lead students, representing the voice of all the global children in the project. In addition to presenting their work, Ian and the other 5 students will be meeting with global leaders, heads of multi-national corporations, visiting local schools, being featured by various global non-profits, and hosting a LIVE and interactive video series, connecting 1000’s of schools and young people directly to events taking place within the restricted COP26 Blue Zone.

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