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The first round of the Rhino Cup debate took place at Brookhouse Runda campus.

We, St. Austin’s were paired with Brookhouse Runda and our topic was “That love is more powerful than hate.” When we first found out that we had to oppose and convince an audience that hate is more powerful, it was a shock to us, wondering how our argument will even make sense keeping in mind that the universe operates with one rule ; ‘love always wins!’ Immediately we shifted our mindset that this was a suicide mission thus involving ourselves in extensive research.

The impossible debate we once saw was now nothing but a molehill we had turned into a mountain. In the beginning, we prepared arguments for both opposing and proposing just to get the gist of things. As a result of the daily practices, one could just see how far we’ve come compared to where we started.

Finally the day of the debate came.

Everyone was looking sharp. We were left in awe when we arrived at venue. The nerves started to settle in. Walking on that stage felt surreal, staring at an audience that’s looking right back at you was almost intimidating. As the debate went on, every speaker was better than the last.

After battling at the stage, we sat quietly and patiently waiting for the judges to tally the scores. This was nerve wrecking even the tension in the air was thick enough to be cut with a knife. When the results were announced we were left in disbelief unaware of the fact that we had won. Leaving the auditorium, it dawned to us that we actually won and it was elating.

Everyone was cheering, hugging and we all couldn’t wait to get back to school to share the good news.

All the way back to school, our excitement couldn’t be contained. We were more than ready to jump into round two. All in all, Ms. Eunice and Ms. Rosemary were a big help to us. Guiding, advising and helping us calm down when the pressure became too much.

We had a great debate team consisting of Abdirahaman, Amani, Ian, and Rewina. Not forgetting a strong and reliable support team consisting of, Lura, Amaka, Lina, Celine, Alei, Wanjiku, and Ryan. We are all more than ready for round two with the goal to take St. Austin’s to the semi finals.

Reported by Amani

Edited by Ms. Eunice

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