Student Support at St. Austin’s Academy is holistic and wellness-oriented. Our entire community of students benefits from a school culture that prioritizes healthy growth in all areas of a student’s life—academic, social-emotional, spiritual, and physical. Every teacher, coach, club sponsor, and administrator is part of the “circle of care” that surrounds each of our students. On-campus experts including learning strategists, counselors, chaplains, nurses, and more, stay up-to-date with the latest research to ensure we’re meeting the needs of all our learners, from pre-first through senior year.

The Support Team Goals:

  • Supporting Special Education Students.
  • Supporting English Language Learners.
  • Supporting staff as Advisors and Teachers to create positive relationships with students and families.
  • Supporting Positive Youth Development practice.
  • School Culture.
  • Collaborating with community supports for students and families.
  • Supporting individual students.
  • Collaborating with Families to support their child.
  • Facilitating Advisory curriculum as needed.
  • Assisting in disciplinary issues and proactive practices to eliminate disciplinary issues.
  • Providing support during family meetings.
  • Peer Mediation and Social Justice.
  • Running Groups addressing student needs.
  • Co-facilitates advisories as needed.



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